Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blog Exposure Swap

Hi Everyone. I've mentioned Swap-bot a couple times before. Well, today I'm taking part in a Blog Exposure swap. Each of us has five partners to whom we send the link to our blogs. The intent is to gain each of us new readers and, more importantly in my opinion, to give each of us something new to read.

For the record, we do not necessarily send to the same people we receive links from. These are the links I received and some random impressions.

http://puddlebugskidstuff.com/blog/ - There doesn't seem to be a lot written yet, but what there is, I've quite enjoyed.

http://maistyle.livejournal.com/ - So far I'm giggling at her Random Facts. The poor dear just broke her first bone (her nose!) and I feel so bad! I've never officially broken anything, though there have been two instances where it has been questionable. But her poor nose! All I can think is "OUCH!!"

The next one I visited was http://afrogladycreation.blogspot.com. OMG, it's a stamping blog! With blog candy, no less!! How have I missed this one before? She also has a more general blog here.

The last one I've received so far is http://craftytammie.blogspot.com. I found a cookie recipe there. I'm a happy girl.

My last partner has not sent yet, but I'm sure I will get that link soon. I am looking forward to seeing what it may be. Now it is my turn to pass along my blog link to the people I am to send to. I wanted to write this first in case anyone wanted to check out my other partners' blogs too. Little warning, though - you might just get sucked into reading for a couple hours. But that's the point, isn't it?


Presents Rock said...

thanks!! haha.
i broke my nose when i was surfing (well, learning how).. AHHH!! the stupid boards, but after it bled, i went back into the water and..
it was until a week after i start goin to the doctor and felt my noosee all crooked. at least you can't tell or see if it's broken. (:

The Paperback Diva said...

Hi FibreJunky! I'm one of your partners for this swap. I enjoyed the post about Swap-bot with the links to the other blogs. Isn't Swap-bot fun?

Joan said...

Hello! I'm another partner from the swap. I have completely enjoyed your blog. Your cards and craft work are beautiful! Thanks for sharing a little piece of you.

Kristen said...

hey Carole I just wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog hun! :)