Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AiFactory Tuesday!

Good morning everyone! Today we're snowboarding with Alicia! Or rather, she's snowboarding and I'm out at Bethesda Naval Medical Center seeing a rheumatologist. Somehow I think she's having much more fun than I am.

Erin challenged us to use this colour palette. It's called Sh! and she got it from the Kuler website, which is a really neat place to check out. I'm having trouble seeing things lately, so I went in and made this handy little colour sheet. I just took the Kuler colours and made squares, then filled in the colours using the bucket. I did it in Illustrator, but it could be done in Photoshop just as easily.
Ack - have to run. DC traffic is going to be the death of me this morning. Back as soon as they're done with me - and will get the pic of my project up asap!

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de said...

Oh I remember DC traffic OH SO WELL. And I do not miss it! Traffic here is sitting through 2 or 3 stop lights to go through an intersection. And a 20 minute commute IS a 20 minute commute. Instead of a 45 minute commute being an hour and half. Hope all is well!