Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Note about AiFactory Challenges

There seems to be a little confusion over the AiFactory challenges, and part of this is my fault for not specifying, so I wanted to clear this up. I'll be putting this information into my AiF posts from now on, but just so it's out there, this is one of those challenges where you can make a card, a layout, an altered long as it fits the challenge guidelines, go for it!

In addition, you don't have to use an AiFactory image. Of course, we would totally love it if you did! But it's certainly not mandatory. If you don't have any yet, (and what are you waiting for, hmm???) Mia has some freebies at the AiFactory Store. Digital stamps are really cool. There is one major plus - they don't take up any space in your house! Trust me, I know how much of an issue that can be. Remember, I have five kids and live in military housing.

So come and play along. Combine it with another challenge or 10. If you manage ten, I'll be uber impressed. The deadline each week is 11:59pm EST, Monday. Oh, and if you want to come and hang out with us, we're always happy to have more company at AiFactory/AiVault Land.

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Shell said...

Thanks for the explanation. I may have to try one. Yeah. I am crossing over.
I really don't need another hobby!