Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hack City

I live in a house full of sick people. Meg brought home a cold about 2 weeks ago. It spread to Cody, who gave it to Taylor. The spousal unit was sick for about 2 days. Somebody gave it to me. The younger two girls have been fine, the lucky ducks!

Taylor and Meg are still a little bit runny/stuffy, but Cody has bronchitis. This is not good for his school attendance. I'm coughing. Neither of us has a voice. There was one day last week when he tried to talk to me through a door and I thought he was Holly! Oops??

We're still squeaking along, trying not to talk any more than we have to, but we sure sound funny when we do!

I had my first quiz for Intermediate Accounting. I got an A. Woohoo!! I have 2 more quizzes and a test to take this week. Cross your fingers for me!

Catch you in a couple days with some new news....


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Sorry everyone is sick! Hope this bug leaves soon!

HOOOORAY for the A! Congrats:) Keep up the great work!!!

Becky S. said...

Bummer on the communal illness. I hope things will clear up quickly and smoothly.

Way to end the blog on a positive note. Congrats on the A. Keep it up!