Saturday, April 11, 2009

Art Share/Blog Candy

Happy Saturday Peeps!!

I was doing some blog surfing and I found this little gem on a new-to-me blog, Libby's Little Addiction. She said to change the "I suck" part, but those who know me know that I can be uber slow. I will always get things sent out, but "in a timely manner" is not exactly part of my vocabulary, try as I might. I really do try, I just don't usually succeed. So, with that in mind, here it is.

Art Share/Blog Candy

The first 5 people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice! For you! Could be a card I am really pleased with, an altered object or something else altogether! My choice! But this offer has some restrictions and limitations:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!

2. What I create will be made with you in mind, so you won't get something I already made unless I think it suits you to a T.

3. It'll be done sometime this year. I am the first to admit - I SUCK at sending out RAKs. I am slow slow slow - but I do get to it EVENTUALLY! So only sign up if you are patient, and please do not camp out by the mailbox waiting! :-)

4. There is a catch - you must offer this same blog candy on your blog! Let me know you're in, then re-post this on your blog (you can change the wording - the "I SUCK" part is all me!!) and offer something you make - your choice - to the first 5 people who respond to your post. Add my name to the #1 slot on your list - I am your first participant. When you create your giveaway, you will become the first participant on the lists for the people who participate with you. Got it? :-)

Okay, so who wants to play??

1. Libby - Libby's Little Addiction
2. Carla - Scrappypug
3. Ashley - Heart Hugs Designs
4. Yael - my creative spot
5. Kristen - Rain-E Day Designs

Thanks ladies!!


scrappypug said...

I am in! (as long as people dont mind I am in Canada!)

Ashley said...

Alright, I'll play. Geez! I'll post tomorrow.

yael said...

well, if you don't mind that i'm from israel... i've just posted my 2nd pay it forward - such a great way to meet and spread our love for paper, right?

Kristen said...

ok I am in :)

Ayelet said...

Cool Game, I'm in! (and I'm also the 5th, am I?)

Will post same thing on my blog later on,

(Hope you ship internationally cause I'm from Israel)

Libby Hickson said...

Thanks so much for playing along with me and for posting this! I'll send you an email shortly for more info - need to get my posts caught up tonight and then hit the hay. I love that you're also slow btw. :-) And you work for a chocolatier!?!?! Oh my goodness that sounds like heaven! :-)