Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dis-organizational Saturday

I'm taking a page out of Patter's life and making an attempt at organizing my stamping area. Right now, it's kind of a mess. I know that once it's fully organized, I'll be a lot more productive.

Believe it or not, this is much better than it started out today. I tend to pull everything down and basically destroy a room before I put it back together, so if you look at it right now, it's in the "destroy it all" phase. I've also been making quite a few cards lately, so you can see the results on my desk, from where I've pulled things out and not put them all back yet. It'll get better. It has to, right? I'd say it can't get much worse, but it was quite a bit worse earlier this morning.

So for those who have been wondering about what my creative space looks like, here you go. Be prepared. It's not pretty.

First we have a wide view of my desk. This is where I sit to chat, watch tv, create...whatever. This was my desk at Deloache Chocolate. When we closed, I hadn't had a paycheck in 6 months. My desk, and several of the other things you'll see in my room, like the chair and the storage bins underneath the desk, were part of what I got in lieu of back pay. The desk is huge, but I like it. The bottom two bins on the left currently house wood mounted stamps from all companies other than Stampin' Up and all of my non-Unity cling stamps that don't have a home in binders. Those on the right are varied - but the middle one has things like embossing powder and what were my newest Unity stamps before we moved.
My cuttlebug actually sits on a small bookshelf that matches the desk. It butts up against one side, and I can reach it when my back doesn't hurt. Otherwise I get up and walk around. The shelves house stamps from Taylored Expressions, GinaK, Paper Makeup Stamps, Our Craft Lounge and Paper Pretties. It will also be housing a few others as soon as I get some more storage panels. The binders to the left (still in the plastic) are empty.On the bookshelves, which are some of the Skandia shelves we bought at the Container Store years and years ago, are my original Unity storage. These boxes also have my first stamps from PMS and the Greeting Farm. Next are the Scraponizers, where the Unity Kits of the Month are stored, along with GinaK StampTV kits and Taylored Expressions Key Ingredients kits. I've got some of the larger Unity kits, such as the scrapbook kits and the Stampin' Store kits stored in Scraponizers as well. I will probably move the cardstock from both GinaK and Taylored Expressions out of these containers and into the next photo, which I am just beginning to get organized... ...courtesy of Kimme, where I got the idea to do this with all of my cardstock, and it is making things so much easier! Thanks, Kimme!!So, that's the beginnings of my organization. I'm getting there. Someday, I will be truly organized - and then I'll really get all kinds of things accomplished. Of course, my mom may have heart failure, because she's been waiting for me to get it done for years.

Edit: I was asked about the hanging system. You can't see it in any of these photos, but it's above the desk holding the Unity wood slides, as well as some other things. And I need a new pic of it, since I got something special in the photo to come.


A.FowlFan said...

The organization is definitely getting there. I'm sure the current mess level just looks worse than it actually is and don't forget you have 5 loving children if you need help.

jennyk said...

It's interesting to see where other people work. I don't even have a desk - just work on my lap or the dining table, or on the bed if I really need to spread things around.

What happened to your Unity hanging system? Have you abandoned that or will you go back to it eventually?