Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kid Pics

Hey guys. I have a ton to do this week. More doctors and dentist appointments, plus both boys have appointments with Disability Support Services at the college. Oh, and a test in Principles of Accounting 2. So...since my back is still misbehaving a bit, instead of a card for today, I thought I'd put up some pics from Hannah's homecoming and a pic of Holly from Halloween. These are kind of for my mom and for friends who say I never send them pictures. Well, here they are. Plus, I'm proud of my kids, and most of the time they don't like their pictures taken anymore.

Here's Holly, all dressed up as a kitty cat. She was very generous with her candy loot this year. She shared some of it with each of us, since she was the only one to go Trick-or-treating.
This is Hannah and her friend getting ready to leave the house before the Homecoming dance.
The next photo is of Hannah and her friend Madison. Madison used to live around the block from us when we first moved to MD. Hannah lost track of her but they've become Facebook friends, and Hannah is thrilled. Madison attends a different high school, but came to the Homecoming dance as a guest (ahem) so they got to hang out a little. She's grown into a very lovely young lady.
Here you can see the necklace that Hannah got from "Crystal" - one of Aunt Liz's horses. Hannah wears it whenever she has a special occasion.
And here is the whole gang, post dance.. I think it's a great shot.
I hope you've enjoyed this quick little peek. I do love my kids. See you all tomorrow morning for the H{ippity} Hop!


de said...

Great pics Carole! TFS!

Rebecca said...

Nice update and pics, thanks!

carole said...

I love your kids too! Thanks!!