Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lenten Challenge

Hi everyone. There was a thread on Facebook about what people were giving up for Lent. I had just seen a post from my Aunt Kathleen where she mentioned that she would be donating $5 to charity for each day of Lent when I read a comment from Tenia (one of my fabulous teammates at Paper Maniac) stating that the Deacon at her church said it was allowable to add something. This fit right into Aunt Kathleen's donations, and it sparked an idea in my head.

I have challenged myself to make a card for Operation Write Home for each day of Lent. Oh, and, of course, to actually get them in the mail - since I'm really bad about getting things mailed. Ashley (who is about the most awesome person I know!) is going to join me.

So, what do you guys think? I'm going to open this up to any charity that is requesting cards. Leave me a link at the end of 40 days, with the completed challenge, and I will draw a name and send out a goodie package in thanks. I don't yet know what it will be, but I'll add that info as soon as I figure it out.

Remember, do not add your link *until* the end of Lent! If you wish to send cards as you make them, that's fine, just be sure to take pics! And if you are sending cards to OWH, please keep in mind that for Easter, the deadline is March 18, and for Mother's Day, they need cards by March 31.


Softpencil Studios said...

Thank you very much Carole for your comment on my new website!!! I´m so glad you like it!

AllisonG said...

Thanks for the challenge to make cards for charity. What a great idea!

mallisonr at aol dot com

AllisonG said...

WOW! Was I really the only one to enter the Lenten Challenge? I do have to admit, I kept the link to your blog open on my browser so I wouldn't forget when the date rolled around! :-)

mallisonr at aol dot com