Saturday, November 15, 2008

I almost totally forgot to post about some fabulous blog candy at You Want the Cookie? Lara is a Design Monkey for the Little Monkeys and their stamp storage system. It's their one year anniversary and they are giving away a starter kit and some goodies from a few other stamp companies who have joined in to celebrate. Whomever wins this is getting one heck of a prize!

I've checked out the Store More Stamps system and I really like the looks of it. It's on my Christmas wish list. I've got a bunch of unmounted stamps from Unity that I'd like to store in a more organized fashion - just so I can more easily use them. Plus, in my house, space is at a premium.

I have 5 kids and with that comes 5 kids' worth of stuff.

Okay, I admit it. Most of the "stuff" in the house belongs to me. I have a lot of obsessions interests and most of them require toys supplies. So sue me.

Some day I'll post pics of the spindle collection and make Shelly happy.

We went to game night at the Family Game Store at Savage Mill. Eldest son stayed home - and turned the tv off, darn him! I wonder how long it will take until we can turn it back on. But I digress. The important part is that we played a new game. Not just new to us, but new to the store. They received it as a sample. It's called Why Did the Chicken? There's a review here. If they'd had an extra copy, we would have come home with it, but we didn't want to buy the only one in the shop. They weren't sure how easily they could have gotten another, either,
as their normal distributor does not carry it. so we opted to let it stay there for others to enjoy. We'll find our own copy at some point. The owners are going to check into a different distributor, on the off chance that they will be able to order sets to sell. I hope they are successful. The game is fun and funny.

We think it would be great fun with just adults as well as being a family game. There was one round that had Wayne close to falling off his chair. The question? What happened at the wedding of a pig and a tree? I learned that Holly had never heard of the Farmer in the Dell. Maybe I should have said that Old MacDonald objected instead.

If you're looking for something different for Christmas, check it out. It says it's for ages 12+, but we were playing with a 9 year old, in addition to 12 and 14 year old girls and a 16 year old boy. A good time was had by all. How often does that happen?

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