Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Unity Explosion

I mentioned to Eryn, who is sadly blogless, that there had been a Unity explosion in my house. I've mentioned before that I've only been stamping in earnest since August of last year. I bought my first Unity stamps on August 13.

I took a class at The Queen's Ink in Savage Mill and the instructor was teaching us about all the different types of inks and the types of stamps. Then she told us about this new company she'd discovered, which combined the best parts of both wood-mounted and unmounted stamps. Colour me curious, but I wanted to know more. It took me a couple days to get around to hitting Google. The day I did, I bought Love is Toxic, Lovin' From the Oven, Together Forever (no longer available as a kit, but all parts are available as wood-mounted singles), and Angela's "Random Background Special", which was 6 of Unity's fabulous background stamps for $24 instead of $48. Yes, I found Unity online just in time to walk into a fantastic sale.

The thing is, Unity has a fantastic sale of some kind or another every week! Angela, the owner of Unity, always comes up with something wonderful for Hip Hop Thursdays. Often there are new releases, sometimes in bundles only for that day. She really spoils her customers. She and her Design Team give away some $300 in stamps during every Hip Hop, which is held on the Unity Forum at Split Coast Stampers. It's a huge amount of fun, though hard to keep up with at first. I've given up trying to get anything actually accomplished while chatting, even though there are stamping challenges to participate in.

If you go read her blog, she highlights different stampers almost daily. She also posts inspirational quotes. I love to read Angela's blog. It just makes me smile.

So anyway, that was a really long-winded way to get around to the purpose of this particular post. You see, a while back, I acquired a rather large amount of Copic markers. Insane amount is probably closer to the truth. I was hoping to sell some of them, because there were more than I could use, so I put the word out. Long story short, the Copics went to Minnesota and I now have a lot of new Unity stamps...in addition to all the stamps I've bought (and won!) in the interim. I've had a Unity explosion occur in my house. So I took a photograph of them all. I tried to contain them. I was only partially successful.

So here they are, in all their glory - minus the B handle, which was on my stamping table (aka the dining table.) Yes, that's Xander being nosy. He's up to 3.9 lbs now.
For the terminally curious, here is the mess I made getting some ATCs and Christmas cards done. It also shows some of the goodies I got from my Secret Santa...a big shout out to Stephydoodles!! Thank you chica!

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Ashley said...

Holy moly Carole! I thought I had a lot of Unity. You have twice as much!