Friday, May 08, 2009

Blog Candy at Victoria Case

Victoria Case is offering some adorable blog candy. Don't go, cuz I want it! Or go, but if you win, at least send me some images of the stamps, because they are ca-ute!! How have I missed these before?
I'll be back later, I hope, with an Etsy Inspired card. The mojo is in short supply this week. At least the orthodontist thing went fairly well. Meg looks adorable with her turquoise bands. Lucky girl is having either 4 or 6 teeth pulled on the 28th, depending on whether or not the oral surgeon can do her bottom wisdom teeth at the same time. She'll get her bottom braces put on after that. Taylor will get his braces started next month and Hannah will follow shortly thereafter. Can we say "broke"? I knew that you could. Holly still has a dental appointment to reschedule, as she had some kind of middle school orientation/tour today. Good times.


Lisa F said...

You should sign up on the PCP group too - there are sketch challenges with prizes all the time! Glad you found Victoria -she is great! She carries lots of digi stamps too (new ones coming on the 11th)

Good luck!

Chrissy said...

Heya there Carole!
I didn't realise you blogged and have had such a lovely time this morning (morning in Australia here! LOL) oohing and ahhing over all your cute projects...

I hear you about the teeth troubles, we're about to embark on that journey with Alex too, just waiting for the last of his baby teeth to disappear, at 12 both the other kids well and truly had lost theirs.
Take care
Chrissy x

StampinCathy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Morissa Sweeney (SCS - stampinsweeney) said...

Thanks for posting the blog candy. Yum!

Linsey said...

Ahhhh, the joys of braces! haha, too funny, Carole! I had mine on for 5 years, so I feel their pain and I'm pretty sure my parents feel yours--the pain of being broke due to orthodonic needs, ugh! I'm broke too, but for different reasons :) thanks for the share of that awesome bc, wowey! have a great evening, buddy!