Friday, May 01, 2009

Etsy Inspired #33 - Opalescence

Hi everyone. If you're looking for the Hip Hop Hangover post, check the one below this.

This week, for Etsy Inspired #33, Ashley chose the Etsy shop of a very dear friend of mine from Hawaii, Opal. Her shop is called Opalescence. On it she sells hand-beaded stitch markers for knitting, necklaces and bracelets and some gorgeous hand-spun yarn. Now, she'll tell you that I taught her to spin. I'm not completely sure on that one, but she is definitely responsible for teaching me to bead. She isn't responsible for how long it's been since I've touched my beading tools, so don't laugh too much at my project for this week!

I chose these stitch markers to be inspired by. They reminded me immediately of one of the very first stamps I bought from Unity, from the set Love is Toxic.

I turned the stitch markers into earrings, using shrink plastic, and then made a box for them.

I showed them to Meagan and they've received the teenager stamp of approval. I think I've achieved my goal.
Don't forget to check out Ashley's blog to see what everyone else was inspired to create - and definitely go see Opal's shop. She is one talented wahine.


Opal said...

i love this! it's really cute!

and of course you taught me to spin. there wasn't anyone else in hawaii to do it! ;-)

Dawn K. said...

cute idea!!!

yael said...

greatinspiration - and great outcome - love the cute pink skulls!!!

Ashley said...

This is so fun and creative! I love what you did here!

Anonymous said...

love the inspiration, and love what you did with it!