Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Congrats Ashley!!!

I just have to post because I am so proud of my friend!

Unity had their One Year birthday this past week and they hosted a week full of challenges. One of them was the Unity Celebration Inspiration Challenge, hosted by Maren. It was to create something inspired by one of the cakes from this flickr set.

My sweet friend, Ashley, of HeartHugs Designs, won!!!

This is her project. She actually made a card-cake. It's amazing, truly, and I am SOOO happy that she won!

If you go her blog, she tells how she created it. The cutie on top is her son, aka Sponge-Brady No-pants.

Ashley, you rock!


Ashley said...

Thanks Carole! You are so sweet and supportive! Also, don't forget to tell everyone to vote next week so I can put my KOTM fairy out of work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats sweet pea!! SO deserving! You can always send your fairy my way. lol
Seriously, HUGE congrats!

BonnieRose said...

I agree, Ash so deserved to win this!! can't wait to see ur hhh post! hugs bonnierose

Kristen said...

yay for Ashley! :) Carole, you are such a supporting friend, and for that I thank you! *hugs*