Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 1 With Judikins

Hey everyone! It was an amazing day today, but boy am I tired!! I had two classes and there was a demo in between that was on mica gloss. I didn't get any pictures during the classes, however I did get a few during the demo...with my phone, so they aren't the greatest. I'll try to get more tomorrow. Maybe Meg will let me take her camera, since it is much lighter than my big SLR.

This first one is of Judikins herself. She is such a sweet lady and so much fun! Most of what she taught I already knew, but I needed to be in public with crafty-type people, and she had a few little details that I hadn't thought of, plus some reminders of just bits and pieces I'd forgotten. She has some fabulous tutorials on her website.
I still have ink all over my hands. I've washed them but they're pretty well stained, because we were using Mica Gloss. Mica Gloss, which Judi is demonstrating in this next photo, is a super cool product. It is a metallic pigment ink in a bottle. It's creamy and totally yummy.
So, more pics tomorrow. I might even remember to take some pictures of the projects being completed around me, if my brain decides it wants to be useful. It could happen. Right??

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