Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More With Judikins

More samples from JudiKins. These cards were done with Marvy LePlume Permanent Markers, which are their answer to Copics. What I really liked was Judi's tip of stamping solid images in a very pale ink and then colouring over them, which gives a more water-coloured effect, since you do not see any outlines. Judi uses Marvy Matchables in pale orange.The other thing is that you can use both types of markers together. Oh, and you can colour over the top of Pearl Mica Gloss with them (once it's dry, of course), which really extends your colour palette for Mica Gloss.

Another of my projects from this weekend, not yet made into anything, is this stained glass window technique piece, which was done with Diamond Glaze and dye-based inks.


Shell said...

I shall leave it to you to guess which ones are my favorites! Wow - those are all amazing.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful- wow- I love the stained glass window technique- looks brilliant! Looks like you had a great time!

jennyk said...

I was just looking at Judikins's tutorial for the stained class technique. That is going to make a lovely card.