Saturday, November 12, 2011

He Brought Goodies

Hey everyone. Just wanted to post that the spousal unit and his mom made in a couple hours ago, safe and sound. Of course the kids had to talk her ear off and show her 60 bazillion things around the house. This is the first time they've seen her in 9 years. She can't get over how much they've grown. When she was last with us, it was just before Thanksgiving, and Holly (youngest daughter) was almost 4. Nine years later, it's just before Thanksgiving...and Holly is nearly 13. Holly is now nearly as tall as I am, which makes her several inches taller than my mother-in-law...and I'm only 5'4".

The way cool thing is that, as they were leaving, some other family members insisted that he take home some goodies - four jars of freshly canned apple butter and one jar of blackberry jam. OMG!!!

Heaven in a jar. Thank you guys for the thoughts, prayers and hugs. From all of us.

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