Wednesday, November 02, 2011

More Clapotis

Hey everyone. I have more pictures of the Clapotis to share. I did do a couple things differently than the pattern, after reading many other comments from other knitters who had completed the pattern, both in blogs and on Ravelry. Unfortunately, I don't recall where I read the advice to Ptbl (purl through the back loop) on the wrong side rows those stitches which were Ktbl (knit through the back loop) on the right side rows. It really does seem to give a neater edge along the dropped stitches.

Also, I took the advice to purl the stitch in between the Ktbls rather than to use what I would consider umpteen bazillion stitch markers. I don't like to use stitch markers unless I have to. Purling those stitches on the right side (and conversly, knitting them on the wrong side), meant that I needed no stitch markers at all. So a big thank you to all knitters who made that suggestion, as well as the knitter with the Ptbl advice. They were immensely helpful.

This first one shows where I've begun to drop a row of stitches. This is part of what helps it wrap so nicely around the body once it's done.This next photo shows two full columns of dropped stitches, as well as the purled column which will be dropped at the appropriate point in the pattern.
And lastly, I finished the actual knitting a little while ago. I need to finish unraveling the dropped stitches, weave in all ends and then wash and block the full piece. Then I can consider it completed.
I started this pattern with the wrong yarn in October 2007. Lace-weight yarn was a singularly bad idea. I don't recall exactly how long I worked on that first version, but it was likely less than 2 months. I've worked on V2.0 ever since.


Shell said...

Congrats on finishing! I knew you could do it! Love the ideas of how to do it without the stitch markers - now I might have to cast on one.

jennyk said...

Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.

carole said...

I'm looking forward to GETTING the finished scarf! :-)